Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

I am so excited about something... Everybody needs something to feel passionate about.  Everybody needs something to get excited about.  Everybody needs something to look forward to.  Well, imagine this, but I feel passionate about raising money for breast cancer awareness, research and outreach programs.  So, in October, me, a team of my gals (I love you guys, by the way, more than words can ever say!) and my darling husband (who volunteered to join the cause this morning and whom I also love more than words can ever say!) will be walking in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  And we will hopefully also be raising a ton of money... I have faith, I've got 2 of the best money raising volunteers from Florida Boxer Rescue on my team...

When I used to see ads to raise money for cancer research, I wondered how much money was really going towards actually finding cures, or even new drugs for different types of cancer. (I have always been, and always will be convinced that "cures" for cancers are available, but aren't being utilized because cancer is a huge money making venture... Sorry, I'm just skeptical that way!)  Well, I found out very quickly when my battle when cancer started.  I was a recipient of a very new drug, a drug geared towards wiping out HER2+ positive cancer: Perjeta.  While I have a love/hate relationship with this drug, I have to admit that I'm glad it was available to me, because frankly, it probably saved my life.  And the horrific rash that tortured the heck out of me until I grabbed the oncologist by the neck (just kidding) and begged her to do something, was well worth it, even though I was very miserable for a short period of time.  (If I haven't already mentioned it, the cure for the Perjeta hell rash was a deep cleansing facial scrub by Clinque and not the expensive and very drying prescription cream that the oncologist gave me!  Used daily, it kicked that rash right to the curb!).

Okay, short blog day... Just wanted to share my exciting news.  I'm gonna go dance around the yard (because I'm excited) with the boxers and blow bubbles into the air so Duke can eat them (just because I can!)...   Have a blessed day fellow breast cancer warriors!  Stay strong!

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