My Brief Return To Old Normal

With the destruction of my little attempted murderers impending, I have been on an urgent mission to embrace anything and everything normal, because I know that my activity levels are going to be extremely impaired for what is going to seem like eternity.  I had to swear (although I don't think I convinced him, or that he trusted me) to my plastic surgeon that I would give him 6 weeks, that I would be a good girl and follow all of his orders for the 6 whole weeks. Actually, 2 weeks, until the drains are out, seems like a good compromise. (I did not agree to his request that I not leave the house during that whole time... can you believe he does not want me to even go to the grocery store? And I can't miss my 2 Herceptin treatments... and don't forgot about filling the new "girls" up.... I can't stay home for 2 weeks unless )

Thanks to my lemon, mint, cucumber detoxes, protein shakes and smoothies, and my intense workouts, the physical condition of my body has improved.  While I'm sure that there is still chemo lingering in the smallest crevices of my body, I'm thinking that I've managed to drink, walk, work a good portion of it out.  My legs feel much more like the legs that I started this whole cancer business with, actually thanks to Beach Body, even better.  I can now run up and down the stairs without thinking twice about it, and my energy levels are pretty fantastic for a woman who has just battled stage 4 cancer and 6 rounds of chemo.  I am constantly moving.  (Actually, I'm having a hard time sitting here to type this blog... I'm pretty wired!)  All of this has been very helpful in this whirlwind of activity that I have been embracing.  (I think the activity is keeping my mind off of my impending surgery!)

My cleaning mode has been activated.  In the last week, I have scrubbed and cleaned more than I have scrubbed and cleaned in the last 6 months.  I have basically been in maintenance mode for the last 6 months, running the vacuum and the steamer on the floors once a week, and just keeping up with the house, but it was time to get serious!  I was astonished by the amount of boxer fur that had gathered on the top of my baseboard... and drool.... I found myself saying at least 10 times, how the heck did that get there?  (Thank you Lucy & Duke for making your mama giggle even as she was removing drool from some very bizarre places!  God, how I love you guys!)  Removing boxer drool is not a challenge to be taken lightly, nor is it for the faint of heart, it usually requires insane amounts of muscle to get it removed from our textured walls!  I swear that stuff is part Gorilla Glue, and can always be found in a pinch when you need something to hold something together.

Last night, I met friends for dinner and celebrated my clean PET scan!  We talked for 3 hours about my cancer adventure, my plans for the future, and our boxers!  Last week, one of my girlfriends took the day off of work, and we spent the afternoon by her pool with her boxers.  I am so lucky to have friends that use a vacation day to hang by the pool with me!

And my big excitement for the week... I spent 2 days in the new Florida store.  Drum roll please.  This is no small undertaking.  Our single Florida store is 80 miles from our home (and requires a small amount of planning in order to make the journey: gas, food, water, coffee, laptop, printer, etc, etc, etc.).  The drive is so long that I had to stop twice for pee breaks.  Truth be told, I was a little nervous about the whole adventure.  But, I really wanted, and needed to do it.  It was very good for my spirit.... talking to customers, and just doing some of the things that were familiar to me felt great.... and the big sale I made this morning was the icing on the cake... I've still got it... the effects of that damn chemo brain are starting to fade.  My husband laughed at me when I said that I was excited to be going to work.  I told him that I feel blessed that I can go to work.... Seriously, I do!  I have loved that I have been able to maintain some of my roles in the business while I battled cancer, but I really missed the people.  Selling is really what I love to do...

So, now what do I do?  I've got 2 whole days left to occupy myself...  I feel a trip to Home Depot coming on.


  1. I've been putting a new floor in my bedroom and an finding those boxer things (eye boogers, lip boogers, etc) in odd places too. They were thrilled, when I moved the bed and recliner, to find some new 'to them' toys. Neither of the dogs were here the last time I moved the bed. As for my textured wall, a bit a paint covers the stubborn boxer things. :)

    I'm glad you've been out a bit and made that big journey. Take care and journey on!

    1. Yes, I'm sure paint would work too... but that is definitely more involved than I want to get right now! Thanks for the chuckle though!

  2. Rearrange small furniture; move pictures around. Rearrange your cabinets; clean out your closet...nothing too tiring!


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