And that folks, Is A Wrap!

Well, I'm done...  (Yep, stick a fork in me, I am definitely done!)  Today was the day that I have been looking forward to for the last 6 weeks, the last day of radiation.  I was a little sad to arrive at radiation today to find out that 2 of the members of my radiation team were at some kind of training and were not going to be there for my last day!  But, hats off to Melodee and Darlene who did a fantastic job of whomping it up as I jumped up from the table for the last time!

I was excited to head to radiation today sporting this absolutely fantastic "Superwoman" t-shirt which was a surprise from my chemo angel... it arrived Saturday and I waited all weekend to wear it today!  And I had wonderful pink bracelets- one for each arm from my best gal pal, and my wonderful cousin!  So, I was feeling pretty special as I headed off for one last zap!  I think that Lucy and Duke were happy to hear that this would be the last time that I headed off for radiation too... even though I'm not usually gone that long!

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