Monday, June 12, 2017

Just Choose Now...

This girl has mastered the art of being happy in the moment! 

For a society that is seriously addicted to instant gratification, we are so good at deferring the good stuff. Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I'll be so happy when...."? Or, "I'd feel so much better if..."?

Maybe instead choose to be happy "NOW". Choose to feel better "NOW".

I recently read several articles by one of my favorite relationship guru's that focused on the art of "choosing" your partner/spouse/relationships every single day. Really this applies to about everything in our lives.

By saying, "I'll be so happy when..." and deferring happiness to the time in our life when whatever it is we're daydreaming about changes or comes to fruition, we are not choosing the life that we're living in right at the moment. We often ignore all of the blessings, miracles and things right in front of us right at this moment that we should be happy about by choosing to live in the future. Chose to live NOW!!

Big changes came for me in my life when I stopped saying "I'd just feel so much better if I hadn't had chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and more surgery."  Darling, that ain't changing.... Focus your energy on thriving now, make it work for you. Just because you went through all of that, does not mean you can't feel great! (Yes, I talk to myself a lot, and just between you and I, yes, she does answer!)

By choosing to live now and finding joy, peace, happiness right at the moment, we're eliminating so much stress and freeing our minds to take the actions we need to better our futures. Honestly, if you look and open your mind to it, there is definitely something (and probably more than one something) around you to find joy in right now!!

The picture above was taken Saturday morning. It was almost 85 degrees and I had a whole wall of stone waiting for me to paint it, but... I was so happy to be changing the color of the stone and finally making my little house looked loved that I was smiling. Add to that the fact that I was doing it in my Superman t-shirt and it was a perfect day despite the heat which is pure torture for a women missing a bunch of lymph nodes!

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